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HuMn Nation Photos

We have received amazing photo stories from HuMn Wallet owners around the world. Each photo expresses the uniqueness of each individual and where life’s journey takes them.

A HuMn Wallet in Action!

Here is what we are looking for:

  • Amazing places you’ve travelled with your HuMn Wallet
  • Situations where the HuMn Wallet saved you from identity theft
  • Photos/Video of your custom ordered HuMn Wallet
  • Photos/Video of your old wallet vs your new HuMn Wallet
  • Photos/Video of new and innovative ways you use your HuMn Wallet
  • Surprise us with something awesome!

    This is a picture of my new HuMn Mini wallet in front of Detroit's iconic GM RenCen building downtown. It gets questions daily whenever I whip it out for purchases; everyone always thinks it's ridiculously cool. And I feel so much more secure about my credit cards and ID's now. And it's a pleasure to use. So much more convenient. For those interested, I had quick & wonderful customer service from Sara G. at In-A-Flash Laser in Charlottesville, VA ( I have the wallet etched with my name so that it matches the font and logo design of the HuMn wallet. It looks so cool. :-)

  • My new HuMn MINI!

    The bulky old one and my new HuMn MINI.

  • Humn of the land down under

    Love the style and love the product!! Great job guys!

  • Wedding!

    I received a HuMn Wallet from my wife as a wedding gift! I had been looking at the website and wanting to buy one for awhile now. I had to take it with me on our trip to Jamaica for our honeymoon. Here is a photo of my new wallet chilling with me on the beach watching the sun set.

  • Computex & Taipei 101

    My Mini is part of my Every Day Carry, shown here attached to my gear harness by a retractable Kevlar cable for security. The photo was taken at Computex (the annual computer technology show in Taiwan); my company is one of the exhibitors. In the background is Taipei 101, the second tallest building in the world.

  • Humn mini in Belgrade

    ordered the mini with 3 plates. 2 grey and one green and a red strap. On this pic you see only two plates, but it works.

  • Stay HuMn!

    got mine today, had to get my name on it :)

  • Fernando's MINI in Italy

    I'm happy to have received your card wallet. Here's my picture as I promised.

  • The fast and the furious ;-)

    My clothes are all red, red, red, Everything I have is all red. That's why I love everything red Because my wallet is also red.

  • All in One

    Yep, that is all I need. And HuMn Wallet do the job for me. Some cash, one CC, ID, Some business cards and my Yoga membership card.

  • ciao

    I used to be all about my old school wallet and the as a wedding gift I became a money clip man, but since I got my HuMn wallet nothing else will do. I'm on vacation now, and so glad to have my HuMn wallet. Who would want to be even more off balance when climbing the leaning tower!

  • Guamanian HuMn Mini

    Traveled to Guam. Beautiful weather and beaches. Want the new HuMn2 for next trip!

  • Travel Light

    I love how I only needs 1 item of essential thing to go with this wallet instead of carrying 5-6 credit cards. Now I only needs to carry an ID, 1 major credit card, and some cash. Along with this I feels the extra security that the wallet offers with RFID for identity theft prevention. Peace of mind wherever I go. Thanks HuMn.


    @ Apple iPhone 4 w/Red/Black Element Vapor4 Case & LuckySkins Tru Skin (Real Carbon) Naturally @ Pebble E-Paper Watch For iPhone/Android Cherry Red w/matching Red/Black watch band (Bummer couldn't find Red/Black Carbon combo) @ KeyPort Black Slide w/Black/Red Nodes (House & Auto Keys All In One Neat Bundle Just Like HuMn Wallets) @ And To Top It Off "Black Carbon Fiber/Red Powder Coated HuMn Wallet Mini w/Matching Red Strap & w/all Vital Essentials-DL/CC's/Medical ID's & A Benji For Emergenc

  • Light & Fast EDC

    I carry very few things with me throughout the day. My HuMn wallet, an Omega Seamaster Automatic and a Emerson CQC-7. I submitted my carry to the Light & Fast EDC website and had a bunch of questions regarding my HuMn wallet.

  • My HuMn

    I thought this was an appropriate combo. Aluminum to awesome wallet!

  • Go Ducks!

    Yellow jersey - yellow plate. Blacke Matte helmet - Black Matte plate. Can HuMn wallet color combos keep up with Duck uniform combos? We'll see...

  • Film shoot Cape Town

    On an aerial shoot in Cape Town

  • Spin Spin

    Every time I pull out the HuMn and sit it on the table, I am constantly asked "what is that" I love sharing the story of how I got it from Kickstarter and how useful it has been. When this thing is on the table, I am constantly spinning it around and around to show how cards stay in place and never fly out. I captured that moment in this image.

  • Go Global

    I love my HuMn Wallet because it is so convenient and simple. When I travel my wallet is so easy and minimal to carry around, not to mention, its a conversation starter.

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