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HuMn Team Kickstarter Interview

Have you ever thought of an idea and wondered how to get it off the ground? Well look no further, Philipp Knoll has created a blog geared towards people who are interested in what it takes to get a crowdfunding project off the ground - and HuMn Design is honored to have been interviewed.

Open Air Life

Open Air Life featured the HuMn Wallet in their article, Holiday 2013 Gift Guide: Travel " and described the HuMn wallet saying, "with an ultra-modern design and broad selection of colors and finishes, the HuMn Wallet makes a bold fashion statement." Thanks Open Air Life! We agree!

Catenya's Fab Holiday Gift Guide on Talk of Alabama

Check out Catenya McHenry's Holiday Gift Guide. HuMn Wallet was featured as a great RFID secure wallet for the men you are shopping for.

Bullock's Buzz

Check out Bullock's Buzz holiday gift guide article. They said HuMn Wallet are super thin. We agree!

Sweet Relish
Check out this new article from Sweet Relish, No Cheapskates Allowed: 10 Gifts Worth Every Penny. It is all about great products you will love, including our thin carbon fiber wallets!Check out all our slim wallets here.
Windy City Live

Windy City Live featured HuMn Wallet as staff's pick for a great stocking stuffer. They described HuMn Wallets as,"With its ultra-modern design and broad selection of colors and finishes, the HuMn Wallet makes a bold fashion statement." We agree!

Motor Trend

Check out how Motor Trend spoke about HuMn Wallet. They said, “Its wallet is so slim and light, even with a wad of bills and some cards, that it's designed to fit in your front pocket.” Read more about the article here Learn more about how our Slim Wallets are so functional. 

Four Wheeler

Four Wheeler listed HuMn Wallet in an article about new products. They discussed some of HuMn Wallet's feathers such as RFID protection and customization of the wallet. Check it out for yourself on our Shop page.

Sweet Relish

Check out the problem solving benefits of the HuMn Wallet in the Sweet Relish article all about great items that solve common problems.Check out more information regarding our slim wallets: Read more about Slim Wallets. Read more about Modern Wallets. Read more about RFID Protection.

The Grommet

Check out The Grommet's suggestions for great holiday gifts and pick out your perfect thin wallets here 

Fox Business News

Fox Business News Center interviewed Ken Minn, one of the founders of the HuMn Wallet all about what makes the minimalist wallet successful and the challenges that come with starting a small business. Check out their article here!Learn more about our cool wallets: Read more about Cool Wallets. Read more about our Thin Wallet. Read more about Aluminum Wallets.

Sweet Relish

Here we are on the Sweet Relish site. Check out 7 Tricks of the Highly Productive.

Massachusetts Traveler Magazine

Massachusetts Traveler Magazine wrote a great article featuring our HuMn Wallet 2. They shared how minimalism is a powerful statement. So true!Read the whole article here>

Tactical Life

Tactical Life featured our HuMn Wallet in their Products Section. They stated, "Much like natural selection, the HuMn Wallet was born out of necessity." So true! Find the perfect wallet for you, either our HW2 or our Mini.Read the whole article here.

Pittsburgh Better Times

Pittsburg Better Times offered a review on our HuMn Wallets. Their review states, "It’s practical by allowing access to the items you need in a concise and efficient manner." Read more on their review here. Browse our styles now! HuMn Wallet 2 and HuMn Wallet Mini!

Wound Warrior

We had the opportunity to participate in the Wounded Warrior Event as a gift bag sponsor. We are honored to be a part of this great event. Hollywood Today published an article regarding the event and all the sponsors. Read more here.


Vouchmag featured our wallet in an article review. Check out their review here. They described the HuMn Wallet as, "HuMn is an interesting brand name, but even more interesting is their all new HuMn 2 Wallet that defies the odds and knocks traditional bulky wallets out the park." Find your own HuMn Wallet 2 that defies odds!

ABC 6 News-On Your Side

ABC 6 News Channel featured the HuMn Wallet as a great anniversary gift to give to your husband. Great review! Watch their clip here

Sweet Relish

Sweet Relish did a review of the HuMn Wallet. They commented that, " Totally adapted to the needs of the modern world, HuMn wallet will be the last wallet you ever want." Thanks Sweet Relish! Shop now for the last wallet you'll ever want! Read more about Modern Wallets.

2 Wired 2 Tired

2 Wired 2 Tired did a review of the HuMn Wallet, stating, "the HuMn Wallet 2 is actually smaller than my old ‘slim’ wallet, even when the old wallet is empty." Check out their review! Thanks 2 Wired 2 Tired! 

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