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Size matters. we all know it.


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    The HuMn 2 Wallet Is The Last One You’ll Need

    HuMn is interesting brand name, but even more interesting is their all new HuMn 2 Wallet that defies the odds and knocks traditional bulky wallets out the park. A sleek, minimalist carrier designed with aluminum or carbon-fiber plates and a durable elastic shock strap to take the place of standard bi-fold’s. The contemporary design provides all the necessary functions of a wallet and eliminates the bulkiness and inconvenience of traditional wallets. It’s practical by allowing access to the items you need in a concise and efficient manner. The HuMn 2 Wallet can be configured in one, two or three powder-coated aluminum or carbon-fiber plates in a variety of colors — allowing complete customization. The plates protect you from electronic theft by shielding your credit cards from EMI and RFID skimming. And despite being small and streamlined, the wallet can accommodate all world notes. And the new carbon fiber HuMn Mini Wallet offers all the features of the HuMn2, but in an even smaller package.

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    Electronic pick-pocketers are out there, waiting to steal your credit card info using RFID scanners. Protect yourself with the HuMn Wallet. The HuMn Wallet's plates, constructed of sleek anodized aluminum or carbon fiber, create a barrier against RFID skimming that keeps your credit and debit cards safe. And with its ultra-modern design and broad selection of colors and finishes, the HuMn Wallet makes a bold fashion statement. The HuMn Wallet is durable, easy to access and protects everything inside of it.

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    SWEET Relish

    Why To Splurge: 3 carbon fiber plates keep cash and cards neat, sleek, and organized. Plus, they’re RFID secure, so all of your credit card info will be safe and sound in your back pocket.

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    Featured in their Holiday Gift Guide for 2013: HuMn uses slim plates of carbon fiber or aluminum and an elastic band to free your rear pocket from bulk. In fact, its wallet is so slim and light, even with a wad of bills and some cards, that it's designed to fit in your front pocket. The added advantage to those carbon or aluminum plates? They protect your cards against RFID thieves. The HuMn wallet is available in two sizes and in either two- or three-plate configurations.

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    Fox Business News

    High-Tech Wallet With Fraud Protection Built in

    Founder Ken Minn says the HuMn Wallet was inspired by his own business travels. “I would get to the hotel room, empty out my wallet, take some cash, a couple of cards and tie it with a rubber band,” says Minn. Wanting something more appealing, Minn set out to design a more high-tech version, and took to Kickstarter to get the funds. The company raised over $295,000, which helped them produce a simple, sleek wallet that keeps cards secure and blocks RFID skimmers as well. Minn says RFID skimmers can scan cards from a distance to steal information.

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    Massachusetts Traveler Magazine

    In a way, minimalism is a powerful statement that you are not tied down by extraneous things, that it’s the function that matters. And this wallet is distinctive — your cards and cash are held between two 6061 grade aluminum plates, Bright Dip Anodized to create a brilliant and durable look. The process of bright dipping protects the metal against corrosion, fading or scratching. A third plate divides the space, making a clear demarcation between cash and cards. No pockets or plastic windows or flaps or zippers, just a simple and secure way to hold and organize.

    The plates are held by a strong elastic band. One corner of the exterior plates and two corners of the interior plates have thumb notches — just push your thumbs in opposite directions and the wallet opens up. You can flip through your cards sort of like using a classic rolodex. If you’re the organized kind of person, it doesn’t take long to develop a system to always find your license and credit cards fast and easy. Cash can also be put between the strap and the exterior plate, money-clip style, providing even more options for organizing.

    One of the advantages of the HuMn 2 wallet is that its aluminum plates block radio waves, making it impossible for the cards to be scanned while they are in the wallet. That makes the wallet not only a statement of purpose and function, but also adds to your security in a world where RFID cards can be scanned without your knowledge.

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    The modern, slim, RFID secure wallets make it easy to carry everything you need, anywhere you need to go.

    Some card cases could hold cash and cards, but couldn’t hold business cards. Some could handle cash and business cards, but stored them on top of each other, which meant that you had to pull out all of your cards to find the one you were looking for. Others could only hold a fixed number of cards and cash.

    Much like natural selection, the HuMn Wallet was born out of necessity.

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